I nternet users love optical illusions. First there was the case of the navy blue or white and golden dress, which had shaken the web. Same fight with flip-flops with colors that are also changing. And finally a few days ago, it was the photograph of a group of young girls with a missing pair of legs that made the buzz. The young American @mmmadelinee posted on her twitter account on December 29 a photo taken in the mirror of her bathroom. On the selfie, she wears a striped black and white crop top in normal appearance. But the photo has been liked 50,000 times and retwitted more than 6,000 times for a very specific reason. Indeed when you click on the photo to enlarge, the t-shirt seems to change. The stripes appear sometimes horizontal, sometimes vertical, sometimes even zebra.


A banal explanation No, the young woman’s t-shirt is not magic, and does not change color. This is a very ordinary crop top bought in the department store Forever 21. If people see changes, it’s because of the quality of their screen.

To create your own t-shirt, internet is your best friend.

Youtube is full of tutorials and Do It Yourself tricks to make your tee with your hands. And if you do not really have the creative soul, many brands and creators offer their service online. All you have to do is pick from our list of ideas! Custom t-shirt: brands that offer customization You have a t-shirt idea in mind but you do not know how to create it? Just turn to the few brands that offer customization. Are you an Instagram addict and want to display your latest #nofilter on your t-shirt? Different sites offer you to print your photo on a white top, black, gray, etc. In short, you can customize it from A to Z.

Take a look at the Instashirt website or download the ThatShirt app. You just have to choose the right filter! You can also choose to add a small trendy accessory on your t-shirt to style it. A brooch, a barrette, a ribbon tied on the collar or on the sleeves …



You are granted: some fashion pieces are difficult to wear because too sharp or too original. But, the white T-shirt is worth more than the fate reserved for him. That’s for sure. With him, contrary to fashion trends sometimes too far-fetched, everything is simple. It is worn with everything and it adapts to all styles.


A few years ago, the message t-shirt was just a t-shirt. A little cheesy and childish. Neither fashion trend nor very mature. At that time, the flocked t-shirt was not worth a kopeck. We did not really bother him.

  • T-shirt60%
  • Shirt47%
  • TEE72%

Yet this little place has potential. The proof ? Seen on the podiums of Fashion Week, it suddenly becomes the object of all desires. Chanel, Dior and Dolce & Gabbana have made it a completely unavoidable fashion piece. Reinvented by the biggest fashion houses, the message t-shirt becomes a new playground. For Dior, it becomes a place of expression. Let it be said, the T-shirt message is worth, now, his weight of peanuts. To display his convictions, to exteriorize his mood, to placate his passions, the T-shirt as a freedom of expression. We proudly display a word, a sentence, an assumed quote that says a lot about our personality.

The message t-shirt is so hype that all fashion influencers wear it. From “front row” to cocooning Sundays, they master the little beast like nobody. Frankly, between us, the message t-shirt is pretty easy to combine. You know how to wear the white T-shirt? Do not worry, you will wear the t-shirt message. If you want to break the codes, you can, for example, combine it with a pantsuit and a nice pair of comfortable heeled shoes. The message tee-shirt just soften a working girl’s look. If you want to play it cool, you can wear the mom jeans with a perfecto and a pair of trendy sneakers. In summer, opt for vintage jean shorts. Perfect for a beach look. To choose the right t-shirt message, there is only one rule to follow: opt for the right message. Beware of the wrong note: displayed on your chest, an inappropriate message does not forgive.

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